Monday, January 22, 2007

More pictures of Prince Jonah's birthday

More of the Jungle. The one with all the kids in the ball pit, are the boys ganging up on Glenn and then Glenn getting atacked. It was so cute! Lastly the birhtday cake at home. We miss you all and hope you enjoy the pictures of the kids. I know that they miss you all.

The second half of Jonah's birthday

After pizza we went to Mona Kids Jungle. And these are some of the cute pictures.

Jonah's 3rd Birthday

This is Jonah showing us that he is now three years old. I also added a picture of him and some new hot wheels. We had a wonderful day. He started the day with presents. Then we went to get pizza and while the pizza was cooking, the kids played at the park. It was so much fun. I loved the picture of Jonah and his buddy Nehemiah.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

A day at the park with the boys

These boys had a lot of fun playing at the park. I wish I had taken more pictures. The park was on the beach and had an awesome rollie slide and these rock or cement slides that go really fast. But it is hard for me to keep up with these guys when they are going in three different directions.

Sorry it took so long to send some new pictures we love and miss you all tonz. Love farah