Sunday, May 01, 2011

Tohoku Relief Video

This is a video that we showed at the Calvary Chapel Japan Conference. It highlights the four trips that Calvary Chapel Okinawa went on in support of the relief efforts in mainland Japan. This is actually two videos put together in one, the first was put together by Kevin Johnson and Yasutomo Miyagi, and the second was put together by Brian Layton. They did a great job and I told my mom I would post a video if one was made; so here it is.

Please continue to pray for the nation of Japan. They need the hope only the Lord Jesus Christ can provide. Over 125 million Japanese are headed towards eternity separated from the Lord and we as Christians have the answer they need to change their course. Let us seize every moment the Lord gives us. God bless!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pancake House

Caleb ordered the Chocolate lovers pancakes, loaded with Chocolate chips. Does this guy look happy or what?

Ethan is so cute! This guy had a kids plate, it came with two small pancakes covered in M&M's. But he was so slow in eating it, he was the last one finished. I had to fight off his brothers because they were trying to swipe his M&M's.

I love those sweet faces.

I had the berry pancakes, aren't they beautiful? And they were yummy!

Here we all are. As some of you may know, Glenn spent the last few days in Toyko, for a Pastors/Leaders Calvary Chapel Japan Conference. Normally when Glenn is gone, the boys and I head out to eat for one special date night. Glenn was accually in Mainland Japan three times this month but we kept very busy with school. Ethan, has wanted to go to the Pancake house since his birthday in August but we always managed to go when they are closed. So with a very persistant Ethan, we went to Yomitan's Pancake house.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jonah and Ethan

Here is my little angel and little money, the nicknames Jonah and Ethan picked for out for themselves.

Settlers Night with Caleb

Sunday evening marked a monumental night for us as we allowed Caleb to play his first game of Settlers. We didn't want to overwhelm him so we played "Settlers Jr." He needed a little bit of help in laying down his initial settlements, but grasped the game quite quickly. He will make a great Padawan, the force is strong with him, and hopefully we can keep him from following his father's footsteps into the darkside.
Glenn won; 10 points.
I was last, third place; 7 points.
Caleb did well, second place; 8 points.