Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sorry for the absence

Sorry all, for not posting more pictures sooner. I can't believe that the VBS is my last post until now. Lots has been happening. The following pictures are for those of you that keep asking me, I hope you enjoy them. They are not the best but they are of the boys.

Please keep us in your prayers we have a very busy season ahead, as most do with the holidays coming. Glenn is getting sick again and thinks what ever he had, is back, please keep him your prayers. This week we have the Harvest Carnival on the 31st. Please pray that we would be light to our neighborhood and that we would be able to share the love of Christ with them. Next month will be extra busy. In the month of November we have a two baby shower, a bridal shower, a wedding, Glenn will be in Tokyo for a conference, we have a Marriage Retreat, Thanksgiving and Rick will be taking a group to Israel. We will be very busy but we are looking forward to all that God is going to do. Please keep us in your prayers.

We love and miss you all.

Caleb My Gentle Giant

I don't know who took this picture but I thought it was so funny. He looks so big.

Here he is is with his favorite, the green apple (from Jonah's apple tasting below).

This week Caleb did some science experiments with yeast. So at the end of the week we made bread for dinner. He asked if we could have spaghetti for dinner to go with the bread we made. It was fun and he was such a big help in the kitchen.

This kid can eat and he loves spaghetti.


Yuck, says it all. A dear friend of mine ordered these owl puke pellets for VBS but did not use them all. She so kindly offered them to us knowing that we are homeschooling, as a science project. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! I was so grossed out...It took me a while to get into this one. Caleb and Jonah really wanted to do it and so eventually I helped. But it was hard and not fun for Mom.

Here is part of the pellet taken apart. We were trying to pull out the bones so we could figure out what type of animal it was. Yuck!

We had a rodent. We didn't find every thing. Luckily the kids lost interest. Plus We had more than one skull, so I think we had two of most things.

This is what it would have looked like if we found everything.

Jonah Lost His First Tooth

Jonah had two very exciting things happen this week. He lost his first tooth. Which he has been wiggling at for weeks. He also read his first book. He was so excited that he could read. He can read 'Mat' in the BOB books series and 'Cat' a Hooked on Phonics book. We are so proud of him.

More Ethan

Ethan on the computer his second favorite thing to do. After he plays with his Lego's, he usually wants to play Elmo's Art Workshop or Starfall.

This is the new Ethan pose. He is saying, "Don't you think I'm so cute and so sweet?"


As most of you know we are homeschooling the kids this year and Jonah started Kindergarten. He has been doing great. Our curriculum give us lots of projects to do with the kids to reinforce the letter sound and then we learn information about the picture associated with the letter. This week we learned the Aa sound and about apples. This is Jonah helping me make apple sauce. It was delicious but unfortunately my children have never been big applesauce fans.

We also did an apple taste test. In Japan we only have two or three kinds of apples; fuji, red or green. And when we went to the store they only had red and green; so we added Nashi (a Japanese apple/pear) and persimmon. Jonah's favorite was the Nashi and Caleb loved the green apples best. It was also fun to cut the apples in half to see the star design in the middle.

Here is Jonah with his favorite.

My Little Builder

Here is Ethan with one of his many creations. Every morning he builds me a new one, while his brothers are doing school. And he never gets tired of building new things, it's amazing to watch.

Isn't that cool!