Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Matt French's Fini Flight!

This is a great brother of ours who we will deeply miss; Matt French. Matt is a F-15 pilot for the 67th Fighter Squadron, the Fighting Cocks. Matt and his family have been in fellowship with us for the last three years and will be moving back to the states this week. Matt was my right hand man on Sunday mornings with the Ushering crew. Although he's one of the best F-15 pilots around, you'd never here that come from him. He serves with humility and desires to honor the Lord. He faithfully served in a lot of the behind-the-scene dirty jobs and I desire for the Lord to bring him back soon to Okinawa. With the limited number of Air Force bases that fly F-15's, there's a good chance he might be back some day.
Matt invited us out to the flight line to be a part of what they call a "fini" flight. A "fini" flight is the last flight a pilot does before he PCS's (moves). The tradition is to meet him at the hangar and hose him down with water as well as spray him down with some champagne. This is the boys with Matt pulling in right behind them. They're trying their best to bottle up their excitment, ha ha ha. Actually it was really loud and Jonah didn't like the noise level.
Here's the whole family with Matt. Matt is holding the empty bottle he was sprayed down with. Normally the pilots family comes down to the flight line, but Matt's wife and three kids are all ready in the states, so Matt asked if we could attend instead. We were honored.
Here's Matt, Jonah, and myself. We will miss Matt and look forward to hearing of the goodness of the Lord in his life. Please pray for his whole family as they transition to life in the states.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Jonah last summer

This is for Grandma. Here is Jonah last summer being silly at our old church building. He is growing so fast. He really loves to be a cornball but don't tell him I said that, he only likes to be called by his real name. Jonah Nathan Phipps. No nick names please:)

Happy Birthday song for Caleb

This is for our family, it is so goofy. But this is us singing to Caleb on his birthday.

Happy Birthday Caleb

He was really happy, can you tell?
Here is the cake the boys and I made.
Caleb with his spiderman gift and money.
He had an awesome day and was blessed. We can not believe he is 7. He has grown so much since we arrived in Okinawa. We pray he will continue to grow and know how much he is loved by the Lord and his family.

New super hero in the family

We have a new super hero in the Phipps family. The newest addition to the Power Rangers, red ranger Ethan.
He looked so cute!
See it's me, "Ethan!"

Mothers Day Chapel

Caleb's first grade class did a special Mother's day Chapel. All the kids painted a picture of their mothers and read a poem they wrote their Moms. Caleb is reading his poem. He is standing next to his Teacher Miss. Benson. Here is Calebs:

Mom you are kind
Obeys God
Mommy you are funny
Makes me fell special
You are loving to me

They all did a great job and I was blessed. (Yes, it does appear I have a unibrow but Caleb told me he messed up on my eyebrows. They were not suppost to look like. I still love it, because I know how hard he worked on it.)

ZOO trip

We had a wonderful time at the Okinawa Zoo with our friends the Morales' .

Here are my three Monkeys holding little chicks.This is Ellie, Jay, Caleb, Jonah and Ethan in front of this elephent cut out. Then next to a full size elephant. We had a wonderful day.