Tuesday, September 09, 2008


It's official, Ethan has taken a major lead!!! We joke around here about our kids being in a competition to see how many stitches they can get. Ethan and Caleb had been close, but with the four new stitches Ethan got last Wednesday it puts him way out in front.
Ethan was playing at church and a wooden platform fell on him when he tried climbing up it. It landed right on his finger tip popping the nail up and bursting out the side of his finger. He barely cried!
At the ER, where they now recognize us, Ethan actually slept while the doctor stitched him up. Please pray for a quick recovery and please pray for Farah and me, we need it; keeping up with these three monkeys!

Ethan is 3!!!

Well, I know it's been a long time since we last posted. Ethan's birthday was August 25th and we had cake at the house. He got a new Radio Flyer tricycle, if you couldn't tell from the pictures, he liked it! It's hard to believe that our littlest is all ready three. We love him and all of our wonderful boys soooo much! We thank God daily for his wonderful and awesome gifts.
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Forrest Adventure Park

Last month Farah and I were invited to help chaperone a youth outing to the Forrest Adventure Park. The park is filled with zip lines and all sorts of skyward obstacles. Farah and I were in charge of watching two boys; Kanata and Noah. We had a tough time keeping up with them but had a blast. Farah had the camera all day and we didn't get any pics of her; sorry! We'll just have to go again some day and get some pics of Farah flying through the air. The view from the zip lines was breathtaking.

This is a picture of one of the boys we were in charge of; Kanata. He's enjoying his time zipping across a valley that's over 100 feet below. No sweat!!!

This is Noah, the other boy Farah and I were in charge of. Both Noah and Kanata had a blast along with the over 40 others of us.

Me coming in for a nice smooth landing. There was only one time I can remember falling during the day. Farah on the other hand may have landed it once....come to think of it....no, she never did land one. Her bum was a bit sore aftering soaring through the air and hitting the landings a bit hard!

This is me at the obstacle course. Not pictured was the scariest part of the obstacle course. It was a platform that you had to free fall from before the zip line caught you. Farah chickened out so I had to do it with the boys. It hurt....alot....really, really, bad!

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Green Day

Farah got this crazy idea to have a family "Green Day". No, Farah didn't all of a sudden turn into an environmentalist, rather, we wore and ate as much green as we could. For breakfast she made scrambled eggs and dyed them green. We had a lot of fun spraypainting the boys' hair green and pulling out all of our green clothes. We capped the evening off with a trip to Basking Robbins where the kids had to choose a green ice cream flavor. We thought they'd be limited to mint n' chip, put their flavor of the month just so happened to be sour apple. Jonah and Ethan were adventerous and tried the sour apple (they enjoyed it) while Caleb stuck with mint n' chip. Farah and I split a mint n' chip shake. The ladies working at Basking Robbins noticed we were all in green and thought it was sooo cute.
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