Saturday, June 02, 2007

Showing off his new stitches

Yes, this last Sunday Ethan joined the stitches club. He fell while playing at church. His two front teeth went into his lip (well one in the lip and the other under the lip). The one under the lip was bad and he needed three stitches. The funny part is, my friend was giving me some hydrogen peroxide and joked you will need this. My sarcastic reply was, yes they will know us in the ER. Well the nurse that took Ethan said, "I remember you, do you remember me." She was the nurse that helped us when Caleb had stitches. We are in trouble. But look at this guy show the off. He was totally posing, showing them off. And the last one s yogurt face.

More grad pics

Caleb with his friends. Caleb holding the letter R, the class spelled out Kindergarten. Caleb said, "R is for Recess...I like kindergarten because I like recess." I guess reading was taken.

Calebs grad

Caleb had his graduation cerimony. He did well and looked too cute. He wanted to wear a tie and he just thought he was hot stuff. After getting dressed he was ready to go and show the girls how cute he looked. He was the loudest singer in the group and the only one giving high fives to his classmates as they passed by. It was so funny. He is such a boy. We are proud. Wish you could have been there.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Park day with Nehemiah

These guys are just so cute. Nehemiah, Jonah and Ethan.

Caleb the BIG six year old

Caleb is so cute! While Mom was taking a shower he woke up and opened his ALL his birthday presents with out us. It was a fun day. He went to school and brought his favorite movie and a special snack. Then we made his favorite dinner, Chicken Katsu. And per his request ice cream cake. It was fun.