Monday, November 12, 2007

Bios On the Hill

Here are some cute snap shots of all of us

More Bios on the Hill

some pictures with the animals

Bios on the Hill

Yesterday was awesome. Caleb was out of school because of the holiday and Glenn has Mondays off, so we decided to go some where fun. We chose Bios on the Hill, it is this beautiful park, that has goats you can walk or feed or just pet, playground stuff made of logs, giant tree swings, and a little boat ride you can take. We did so much, and had so much fun. It was nice to really take a day off to rest and enjoy family and friends. We were joined by the Johnson's, Walton's and Barnett's.

Playing before bed time

Here is Jonah and Ethan on the trampoline. And Jonah just looking so sweet. See, he can be sweet and lovable sometimes.

Okinawa Christian School Walkathon

Every year in October O.C.S.I. has a walkathon, where the kids try to raise support for school improvements or scholarships. Last year Caleb, Noah, Bekah and I walked through rain and sun. It was very memorable. This year was awesome. God was so good! We had awesome weather and we had a great time walking. The older kids do 20K and the little guys do 10K and have the option to take the bus if they are to tired.

Caleb did great, I walked 8k with him and Glenn finished off the last 2k after Men's study. Caleb did great and is looking forward to next year.

Here is Caleb and Bekah, we walked with Bekah most of the way. One picture is Bekah and Noah and Noah's friend. Last, Glenn and Caleb near the finish line.

Ethan at the beach

I didn't have room on the last group but he looks so cute.

Park day with Johnsons

We had a wonderful time at a park by the beach with Katie Johnson and her two kids. After playing on the playground we visited the beach. It was low tide, so we were able to walk out and find hermit crabs and little fish. It was lots of fun.

Caleb in Cali

Here is Caleb at Chuck E. Cheese and with Grandpa, Dena and Gracie before the wedding. He looked so cute.

Jenn and Allen's Wedding

We were so blessed to go to California to be at Jenn's wedding. Here are a few pictures.