Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pictures from August's Arctic Edge VBS

Above are just a couple samples of the pictures taken during a week long VBS that was hosted by Calvary Chapel Okinawa. Caleb is striking his "ninja" pose with his friend Anna from Iwakuni, and Jonah and Ethan are showing off there beautiful smiles. These guys are a handful, but boy are they cute. We love them very much and thank God for them. A smile from one of these guys just brightens our day. They are getting so big, Ethan is 13 months old now, Jonah will be 3 years old in January and Caleb is 5 years old and in kindergarten. Everyday these boys amaze us with the crazy and wild things they do. Pray for their safety and our sanity. ; )

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Shawna said...

What beautiful smiles they are. I am so blessed to see there smiles. Thank you for creating this page so I may enjoy my nephews from afar. How about a pic of Glenn and Farah together? I'd love to see all of you. I miss you dearly. Stay strong in Christ and we'll see you soon. I hope. Lovin you always