Wednesday, October 28, 2009


As most of you know we are homeschooling the kids this year and Jonah started Kindergarten. He has been doing great. Our curriculum give us lots of projects to do with the kids to reinforce the letter sound and then we learn information about the picture associated with the letter. This week we learned the Aa sound and about apples. This is Jonah helping me make apple sauce. It was delicious but unfortunately my children have never been big applesauce fans.

We also did an apple taste test. In Japan we only have two or three kinds of apples; fuji, red or green. And when we went to the store they only had red and green; so we added Nashi (a Japanese apple/pear) and persimmon. Jonah's favorite was the Nashi and Caleb loved the green apples best. It was also fun to cut the apples in half to see the star design in the middle.

Here is Jonah with his favorite.

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