Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our New Home (Outside)

Well, here are a few photos of the outside of our new home. We are in an apartment complex that has 16 units. We are on the 1st floor all the way to the left of the building, apartment #101 (see top right photo). The picture on the bottom right corner is our view from our patio. The bottom left is the grass yard that the boys can play on. The bottom center photo is a picture of our patio from the seawall. To me, the best part about this place is its proximity to Comprehensive Park. If you look in the middle right picture you'll see two ladies about to enter into the park. We are soooo close; it's incredible! God blessed us beyond what we ever would have dreamed of. Thank you Lord! (If you click on the collage it will give you a larger picture.)
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Dan said...

I'd secure the BBQ better for the typhoon season. Dude Congratulations it looks like your right on the beach. WOW that is awesome. Don't feel bad but enjoy the blessing as that is What God wants. He wants us all blessed and walking in the blessings. I already told Rick if I am able to come down for the Worship Conference this year I want to stay at your place. I also heard you got skinny. What is up with that? We have standards to uphold bro and there is a distinct bodily physic that we men must bear the burden you know. I am jealous. I told my wife now I have to get an iphone just so I can go on a diet like Glenn. She ain't buying it literally.

Anonymous said...


The House looks great. Can we come over some time for a BBQ?

DAA Forbes

The Phipps Family said...

Anytime! You know you're always welcome.


The Walton's said...

I'm so excited you guys got to move so much closer to the church... and right across the street form Comprehensive Park! Praise God! We miss you guys and all our Oki family so much!