Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Forrest Adventure Park

Last month Farah and I were invited to help chaperone a youth outing to the Forrest Adventure Park. The park is filled with zip lines and all sorts of skyward obstacles. Farah and I were in charge of watching two boys; Kanata and Noah. We had a tough time keeping up with them but had a blast. Farah had the camera all day and we didn't get any pics of her; sorry! We'll just have to go again some day and get some pics of Farah flying through the air. The view from the zip lines was breathtaking.

This is a picture of one of the boys we were in charge of; Kanata. He's enjoying his time zipping across a valley that's over 100 feet below. No sweat!!!

This is Noah, the other boy Farah and I were in charge of. Both Noah and Kanata had a blast along with the over 40 others of us.

Me coming in for a nice smooth landing. There was only one time I can remember falling during the day. Farah on the other hand may have landed it once....come to think of it....no, she never did land one. Her bum was a bit sore aftering soaring through the air and hitting the landings a bit hard!

This is me at the obstacle course. Not pictured was the scariest part of the obstacle course. It was a platform that you had to free fall from before the zip line caught you. Farah chickened out so I had to do it with the boys. It hurt....alot....really, really, bad!

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