Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Green Day

Farah got this crazy idea to have a family "Green Day". No, Farah didn't all of a sudden turn into an environmentalist, rather, we wore and ate as much green as we could. For breakfast she made scrambled eggs and dyed them green. We had a lot of fun spraypainting the boys' hair green and pulling out all of our green clothes. We capped the evening off with a trip to Basking Robbins where the kids had to choose a green ice cream flavor. We thought they'd be limited to mint n' chip, put their flavor of the month just so happened to be sour apple. Jonah and Ethan were adventerous and tried the sour apple (they enjoyed it) while Caleb stuck with mint n' chip. Farah and I split a mint n' chip shake. The ladies working at Basking Robbins noticed we were all in green and thought it was sooo cute.
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Trevor said...

What a brilliant idea, and great way to create family memories! You should do a different color theme every season, or twice a year, or once a year or something. It would give you guys notoriety (in a good way, of course) with the people at Baskins!!!